Retro Designs Speed & Custom | 1938 Ford 1 Ton Truck for Sycamore Brewing
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15 Apr 1938 Ford 1 Ton Truck for Sycamore Brewing

The past few years, Charlotte has witnessed the rise of the almighty food truck, bringing with it adventurous and devoted foodies. But coming this spring to Sycamore brewing is a newer, and some may argue an even better, concept. A beer truck!

Yes, it’s true. The newest addition to the Sycamore Brewing fleet is a vintage 1938 Ford 1 Ton truck. This gem has some stories to tell, such as originating as a fire truck then laboring for years at a lumber yard. Now it is owned and loved by Sycamore Brewing, and will soon be revealed as a beer truck. Boasting eight beer taps and two wine taps, there will be a refreshing beverage most everyone will love.

The prospective beer truck is currently in the hands of Retro Designs Speed and Custom for a complete aesthetic and mechanical overhaul. The relationship seemed obvious the start; top notch craft beer paired perfectly with a top notch fabrication team.

The truck’s engine was in great shape upon arrival, only needing a new carburetor, spark plugs and spark plug wires, along with other general maintenance items. This steel-bodied workhorse is powered by the original Ford flathead V8, which, depending on the model contained between 60-85 hp.

The goal is to keep the interior and mechanics as original as possible. The body of the truck, however, is receiving a facelift. Envision a sleek, black exterior, which only needed a solid buffing to breathe life back into the original paint. This paired with reclaimed wood-paneling designed to open and reveal the taps, will result in a beautifully restored truck built to serve. Beer, that is.

Keep an eye out for this charming classic, which is sure to turn heads this spring at Sycamore Brewing. Feel free to call us for any unique restorations or builds you’re in need of.