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08 Mar Build for a Cause

This 1972 Chevelle came to us after we were contacted by the owner, Kyle. At the time Kyle approached us, the car was being built at a local shop while he was deployed overseas. As far as he knew, his car was being built while...

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15 Apr 1938 Ford 1 Ton Truck for Sycamore Brewing

The past few years, Charlotte has witnessed the rise of the almighty food truck, bringing with it adventurous and devoted foodies. But coming this spring to Sycamore brewing is a newer, and some may argue an even better, concept. A beer truck! Yes, it’s true....

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26 Jan Just a Car Guy’s take on Bela

Jesse Bowers has built an immense following around his car blog “Just a Car Car Guy”, and it is an honor he handpicked Bela to do an entire feature on her straight from the SEMA floor.   See the full article here...

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