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08 Mar Build for a Cause

This 1972 Chevelle came to us after we were contacted by the owner, Kyle. At the time Kyle approached us, the car was being built at a local shop while he was deployed overseas. As far as he knew, his car was being built while he was away, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. He was charged for a lot of parts that were never bought and labor that was never put into the car. After five years, Kyle had spent $140,000 – $150,000 dollars on the car while in the Army with no car to show for it, he got hustled.

Kyle was born in North Carolina in 1987.  While successful in basketball in middle and high school Kyle joined the Army at the age of 17.  3 weeks after graduating high school Kyle left for basic training. During the next 23 months he completed Basic Training, Infantry School, Airborne School and the Special Forces Qualification course to receive his Green Beret at the age of 20. Kyle has since been deployed overseas many times totaling 41 months away from home.

Currently the car sits in our shop with a lot more work needing to be done and parts to be purchased. Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase the parts needed to complete the Chevelle, while we charge Kyle nothing for our labor to finish his car.  Kyle has devoted his entire life to serving this country and we would be honored to be able to finish his car for him and anything you donate will go directly to finishing his car.


Thank you for your support!