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There’s a reason this page isn’t titled “Get a job”. We’re not interested in another set of hands, we want your passion. We want that insatiable hunger that keeps you up at night designing, crafting, welding and dreaming.


No matter where your area of expertise lies, we are always looking to grow our team. Drop us a line below and let us know why you’re the perfect fit for us.


We are currently looking for a passionate paint and body tech to support our growing business. Painting hot rods is not just another assembly line job – it’s an art form. Applicants must have experience in custom paint and body work as well as hot rod restoration. This includes experience block and wet sanding, buffing and aligning panels.


Our self-made business culture is very important to us. In addition to experience, and equally as important, applicants must be driven, have a willingness to learn, maintain a positive attitude and work well with others. Our custom creations do not just happen, they take a close-knit team of dedicated and passionate individuals, each highly skilled in their respective fields, to make a reality.


We are in search of a mechanic who loves working on hot rods and takes joy in seeing their talents paired with automotive art. The ideal applicant will have experience in assembly and disassembly, Vintage Air installation, aftermarket wiring harnesses and final assembly. Experience with Chevrolet LS and Ford Coyote engine swaps (and engine swaps in general) is also crucial to the success of this position.


However, possessing a positive attitude, demonstrating attention to detail and being self-motivated are just as important in this role as mechanical ability. It takes a group working in unison to bring our vehicles to life, and our staff tackles each project as a team to produce work that makes us proud.

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